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At Click Cash Offer, we come to work everyday with one goal, to give value to others. We want to solve problems and we want to create solutions. We want to build lasting relationships that leaves our customers as true friends after all the business done. With all the bad in this business, our core values allow us to strive to better the industry and provide massive value while doing so.

We’ve helped homeowners out of many difficult situations and one thing we tell every homeowner is that they’re not alone. There are countless others in the same situation and companies like us that care and are here to provide a solution.


The Founders


Jonathan enjoys having meaningful conversations with people. He’s a bookworm, constantly reading new topics and thinking of new ideas. He loves to learn from people, books, and life.  He strives everyday to be the best possible version of himself that he can be so he can focus on helping others.

Andry is constantly looking for new ways to to grow the company and reach out to as many people as possible in order to lend a helping hand to those in need. On her off time, she enjoys excising, giving her dog belly rubs, and listening to books on self-improvement.

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